Improve the delivery driver experience.


Delivery drivers need to have the right tools and gear to make a successful on-time delivery.

Whether you're a food delivery driver working in the gig economy or an Amazon Logistic Delivery Service Partner (DSP) working in the last mile delivery industry, keeping your phone charged and staying connected can help you avoid delayed delivery to help you earn top dollar.

Owners and operators of last mile delivery companies responsible for large fleets of delivery drivers spend over 5 hours every week recharging portable battery packs for their drivers to ensure full mobile charge on the road. We understand that time is money, so we've worked directly with delivery companies to provide the optimal charging solution that reduces recharging time down to less than 5 minutes a week.


For delivery drivers, every GoGoPowerJuice portable battery pack has all the phone connectors that you need (micro-USB, Type C, Apple Lightning) that is conveniently integrated inside every portable battery pack. With a 5000 mAh capacity, you'll be able to fully recharge any mobile device without reaching for your charging cords. 

Every portable battery pack can be recharged with a micro USB cord, or with our advanced Charging Dock.

For last mile delivery owners and operators, our Charging Dock is the perfect solution for their fleet of delivery drivers. It can simultaneously fully recharge (10) 5000 mAh GoGoPowerJuice portable battery packs within 3.5 hours so you'll quickly have available fully charged portable battery packs on hand.

 Every charging slot has individual LED visual indicators to conveniently show you charge levels of each GoGoPowerJuice portable battery pack.

Simply grab a GoGoPowerJuice portable battery pack from our Charging Dock to recharge your mobile device, and drop the uncharged GoGoPowerJuice portable battery pack into the Charging Dock slot to recharge. It's that simple!

So if you're serious about your delivery driver gear, stay connected and grab the right tools to get the job done right!